To create Awareness, Organizing Training & Development activities.
Upgrading skills of Traditional Artisans, Women and other Marginalized Communities.
Formation and Empowerment of Common Interest Groups and support through Micro Finance.
Support child centered integrated development ( Child rights and Child protection)
Promotion of Alternative source of energy for the rural community development
Promotion of Natural Resource Management for the best practice of protective environment and nature.
Promote Medical and other allied services in Disaster
Disseminate innovation of science and technology. Promote large - scale sustainable livelihood. Promote small - scale Industries.
Provide sustainable education, health and disabled people's rights
Provide preservation and promotion of artistic, handicraft and cultural resources. Support child and women empowerment.
Promoting and organizing meaningful educational programs for target group;
Running vocational training programs and organizing Self – Help Groups as part of economic empowerment of these disadvantaged groups and the communities to which they belong;

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