OUR SUPPORTS Mrs. Babita Garg,Mr. Pradeep Kumar ,Dr. Amit Goel,Mr. Anupam Yadav ,Mr. Vijay Pal Singh,Mr. Rakesh Garg,Mrs. Nirmal Kumari,Mr. Sanjay Verma

report of Year – 2005 concludes that primary forest area was reduced globally by 60,000 square kilometers per year. As 3 billion to 6 billion Approx trees cut down to fulfill our paper requirement whether it is for Bank Statement, Paper Bags, Office use stationery, Note Books, Books, Tissue papers etc. We cannot stop completely this but we can definitely decrease the use of Paper in our Routine life by using Web or Internet to share & pass on the official & personal information to each other.

Considering the Enviourmental Cause we are providing you valid Tax Receipt through our website so that we can save the use of paper envelops. After 15 days of your Donation you can download the tax Receipt from our website by filling your donation details.

If you receive any error in downloading your receipt or required Hardcopy of your Tax Receipt Please drop a mail to meenu.arora@parivartansandeshfoundation.com with your donation details & within a week you will received the hard copy

We would like to Request to you to please take print of any document if it is necessary. We all have to work together For Society & For Enviourment too.


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